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To introduce our newest project, I decided to go back to Journalism 101, the pillars of my initial (Romanian) formation, and report the facts that led to the “Romania Untold” tours’ concept, by answering the five “W”s and One “H” questions of this thrilling new adventure.

Who? The tours are a division of Creative Hospitality dedicated for tourists. Our community of potential users will be people from all over the world that want a stress-free experience in our country coordinated by competent professionals activating in the hospitality industry. Our users will consist of seasoned travellers with a keen interest in the value, quality and timeliness of services offered by selected providers, who, in turn, will be subject to our pre-inspections and approval if they
wish to connect with our clients.

The idea came about after an exciting talk, over a glass of exquisite Romanian wine with another fellow patriot – returning law student from England, who shares our passion for travelling and good service. Like us, Adelina, spent most of her adulthood in a different
country but returning to her roots was never an issue to be discussed. She keeps in touch with all her friends and connections from Great Britain, and without even noticing, acts as a PR for our charming lands, convincing foreigners to travel here and to brighten their souls with the beauty that springs from our heritage and our blessed all-in-one country geographic patterns.

What? After careful consideration, we decided to alter our prime scope of business from only consulting for the hospitality industry to also consulting for tourists who want to connect with the best of these ventures. This would be done in the form of a win-win scheme by raising hotels, restaurants and bars international profile from within, in return for their proficient level of service and dedication to our clients.

What makes us different from a regular travelling agency came naturally in this case: the fact that we centre our tours on the lodgings and food and beverage experience. Our trained eye for details, our insight into the hospitality industry, our passion for promoting the true face of our country, our understanding of domestic and foreign practices, our personal backgrounds as expats and tourists and our dedication to help and support local businesses, were the following facts that shaped this new project.

When? There is no time like the present, so in order to build on the idea and make it a reality, we started researching online popular destinations rated by tourists and Romanians alike, and made a list. We took the map and pinned them all, calculating distances, checking the best time to visit each of them, thinking of ways to promote them, phoning receptionists, head waiters, sommeliers, coming up with ideas for set F&B menus, negotiating rates, asking our lovely developers to find ways to integrate the new project on our website, sketching a 5 year business plan, etc. Ok yes, as you can see we got excited! Excited by the picture we had envisioned on paper, and practical with our decision to start investigating the locations chosen, to check if they will be as enticing in person as they were when we were researching them in advance.

Where? We decided to kickstart our own experience with the “Wine and Heritage” tour (Bucharest – Sinaia – Buau County), because autumn is the best time to take a walk on Calea Victoriei, visit palaces, eat lunch in a garden full of colourful foliage caressed by a warm sun, and because the wineries are so busy! Wine tasting while watching how this years’ grapes are just being gathered and processed, what can be more idilic than that? We loved the people that we met, their hospitality and the ambiance that they provided, in one sentence, they convinced us that the tour was doable and will be very popular.

You can find the detailed offer of the Wine and Heritage Tour in our blog, and should you wish to reserve a bed, a chair or a glass of wine, send us your details in our contact form, or send us an email and we will be in touch shortly after. This is just the first of many great tours that we wish to coordinate, on which we will keep you up-to-date on our blog and website, once we have tested and approved them all!

Why? It is important to explain why would clients pay for and use our services in detriment of a regular travelling agency. Apart from our focus towards the hospitality side of the experience, we h
ave a sound business practice which we borrowed from our consulting area of expertise.

As a future reference the way in which we will prepare all our tours will follow the same steps as our consulting work process: we will analyse the possible offer by listening to all parties involved – possible clients and providers of service, we will design a plan to address their needs and expectations factually, by ultimately connecting selected providers with our users after we have checked providers’ actual level of performance ourselves; once convinced, we will develop the tour and implement it in person upon the arrival of our clients, and following their departure we will evaluate their level of satisfaction, taking into consideration all suggestions and criticism so that we can grow and nurture our business one successful tour after another.

How? To conclude with, we will focus on the delivery of our offers and our actual tours. We find it hard to make a “one size” fits all kind of tour. Everyone is different and has particular expectations regarding their travelling experience. Trying to cater to all tastes at once is a mistake from our angle on such things. This is why when we make the initial offer for the tour we try to cater to a specific type and size of a group. “Less is more” that’s what we say and we strive to share a niched experience with our clients for their ultimate satisfaction.

We recommend you read about our offers regularly and see if the experience offered is what you believe will make for a good time in your case. If the travelling plan is particularly interesting to you, but you are unable to come on those specific dates, keep in mind that you can contact us and reserve your spot well in advance for our next one. Moreover, we strive on being flexible, so we welcome suggestions to customise each tour.

As a final thought we quote a beautiful statement that summarises what Romania Untold is all about: its hospitality, which “is a business of people, by people, and for people, and the better the people, the better the business!”.


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